Main Cast:

Name: Char Char

Age: 9

Species: Chinchilla/Raiorian

Power: Teleportation

Bio: Found by Radia, taken in by Twilight, Char Char's a strange little girl with the power to Teleport. She's usually very optimistic and cheerful and makes friends easily.

Name: Radia

Age: 11

Species: Bat

Bio: An even stranger little girl who Twilight took in before Char Char. She often butts heads with authority figures like Twilight and loves making trouble. She has a passion for blackmailing and pranks.

Name: Twilight

Age: 17

Species: Silver Fox

Bio: Orphaned when she was young when a house fire took her parents, this girl met a boy in the orphanage who convinced her to go join a "ninja clan" with him. She trained in this "clan" for a while before leaving it behind. She eventually met Blue and lived with him for a while before asking him to rent the house next door from him. She plans to buy it from him when she turns 18. Twilight's a much more solemn character who can be blunt and business-like, but she is very kind and motherly towards Radia and Char Char.

Name: Blue

Age: 24

Species: Brown Lemming

Bio: Blue comes from a dysfunctional family tree, though his branch of the family seems to be the most normal. Because of a rich grandfather he attended college, only to drop out not too long later. That's where he met his girlfriend, Meena, who later convinced him to take in his younger cousin when he was put into foster care. He also took in Twilight and started renting a house for her upon her request. Blue is a very cheerful, but lazy guy. He loves video games and online poker.

Name: Jesse

Age: 10

Species: Norwegian Lemming

Bio: After his father committed suicide, his mother took up drugs to cope. He was eventually put into foster care before his old cousin, Blue, took him in. He's a very quiet child and prefers to keep to himself. He acts mature for his age. He enjoys thinking activities like puzzles.

Reoccurring Characters:






School kids:

Name: Lily

Age: 9

Species: Lemur

Bio: A friendly cheerful girl with a bubbly personality. She can be a bit shy at times but loves making friends.

Name: Nicholes

Age: 10

Species: Sheep

Bio: Nicholes is a bit of a bully because of problems back home. He tends to be loudmouthed and rude.

Name: Nadia

Age: 10

Species: Numbat

Bio: Nadia's the teachers pet often telling on the other kids for even the smallest things.

Name: Cashew

Age: 10

Species: Laberdoodle

Bio: A bright and active a little troublemaker who drives the teachers nuts. He's very loyal and competitive, loving. He's also Ash's best friend.

Name: Ash

Age: 9

Species: Chinchilla

Bio: Outgoing and smart, Ash loves to read and play though he's a bit of a neat-freak. He's very friendly and often gets into trouble with Cashew. Also he's Cashew's best friend.